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As an Actual Name, Praxx is most common in India.

Outside of India there are only two Praxx's; DJ Praxx and some strange guy in Texas.

Praxx is also a name commonly used throughout science fiction broadcast TV and movies. Star Trek is the most available source for this form of the name, as no less than three characters and a moon have been named "Praxx" or a similar derivative in the Roddenberry Universe.

Praxx has, in recent years, become a popular avatar name in games like World of Warcraft and Everquest.

If you meet a Praxx in real life, be courteous and kind as the natural-born Praxx is a mercurial beast who would probably rather bite you than look at you.
Hello, my name is Praxx, how can I assist you on your inbound complaint call?

I can confirm the location of Praxx, but not the existence of Praxx.
by Blind in TX February 03, 2010
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