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Pramback is a word invented in the early 21st century, in Broxtowe, Nottingham by myself and cooper.
Pramback is a condition/STD (mainly in single mothers/hood rats) whereby they have no other means of transport and are constantly hunched over a pram/buggy pushing a child/children. Since they are constantly stooped over they develop an acute bend in the spine, hence the term Pramback
Usuage: 21st century
Neil - "Man, look at that ho, thats the 3rd baby in 3 years!"
James - "Oh well, least the dirty rat is suffering from chronic pramback"
Neil - "PMSL"


Usuage: 17st century
Neil - "look yonder, that vile hag has born a babby thrice"
James - "indeed, and the estute pressure on the spine looks quite painful"
Neil - "a pramback if you will"
James - "PMSL"
by Nevsta September 28, 2007
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