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A new type of folk music that is sang with a positive mental attitude, and the lyrics are written to inspire others in a constructive means, as opposed to advocating destructive and negative thought processes or ideas. The style may also express the negative aspects of certain concepts, however, it is not specifically this; therefore, it must also include expressing a positive conclusion, or it must result in giving the listener a feeling of hope, or personal well-being. The idea is to write positive and inspire constructively; on the contra, if it's not positive all the way through, the genre may include singing and writing about negativity, allowing the positive outlet to be broadened and more influential to the listener(s).
Pozziefolk is an acoustic style, just like traditional folk music, that is meant to change peoples molded ideas into something better, and maybe set some better examples of true and honest human decency. It's about sticking it to the Man in an almost gentle, yet very agile, and positive way. Perhaps that's a concept that is very hard to understand, but evil begets evil and good usually prevails over bad. So let me explain... a person who really listens to music, and people who let music help them, will honestly listen to whatever kind of music and judge for themselves if they truly like it or not. A person who has gone through a lot, and needs more constructive things in their life, might turn to pozziefolk if it were to become a recognized genre. And it can be, if you interpret it right, and sing to help people through your music. It's not to boast about your great ideas, it's for your ideas and positive experiences to be expressed in an honest way, that could really brighten someone's day, or even their life! I'm talking about promoting and passing on good vibes. We're talking about vitality here, and people's health as well as their well-being! Those are the good things that live on. Negative things are sought to be fought because they destroy more than they do help, and for that reason men and women are basically good. This world is crazy, and for there to be so many types of hateful music, and destructive people in it, it just makes everything worse. Pozziefolk can be considered a hope for those who have none, and a way of sticking it to "the Man", in a positive way that he can't dispute, when it comes to your favorite thing: music. You can change things if you play music. If you wanna help someone musically, and you know it can work, write a pozziefolk song to the best of your ability, and see if it works. If it's good and well written, it most likely will work, and if you don't think it's good, you're being far too modest, and way too hard on yourself. I imagine the listener will genuinely thank you for the good effort, because it's the thought that counts. Great music changes peoples lives, and it lives on forever in legend. Such negative oriented songs may last for awhile, but aren't remembered as much as the really great ones that helped inspired change, hope and revolution for a constructive cause. I am in no way bashing any sort of scene or style of music, because that aint pozzie. I'm just saying I'm against negativity, and I have no problem speaking or singing out against it in a positive way. Good Day. :
by Mike Jonin October 21, 2006
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