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The act of getting completely shitfaced and losing any morals, and/or inhibitions. Examples include singing the wrong lyrics as loud as you can, making friends with that statue of John Wayne, having a conversation with someone who's deaf and never realizing it, singing any Katy Perry or Adele song at karaoke, puking in the trashcan behind the bar only to wash your vomit down with old crow and rainier, etc. A pants off-dance off may occur. Also, you may piss on your buddy while he sleeps. Requires between 30 and 40 beers, and also requires 10-15 shots or thereabouts. A case of champagne will lead you to power wasted as well. Many cigarettes are required. A hundred dollar bar tab is the bare minimum. You cannot get powerwasted by drinking any kind of light beer. A casual drinker doesn't have the ability to get powerwasted. A severe powerwasting is generally accompanied the next day by pbr at ten a.m. to beat off the stage eleven hangover.
Me: "Where are we?"
Friend: "I think we're in Portland."
Me: "How did we get here?"
Friend: "I recall having irish car bombs at the HH and a spacebag of sangria."
Me: "So you don't know either?"
Friend: "We must have been powerwasted!"
by Sethisrad July 04, 2013

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