The act of continuing intercourse after ejaculating until you ejaculate a second time.
"I didn't think i had it in me after the first round but poweredthrough and came up with an even bigger second round."

"I thought it would be a short performance but I pulled the powerthrough without her even knowing."

by Milhouse and Baldwang April 17, 2008
Top Definition
To overcome an obstacle in ones life by seeking out the cause of the obstacle and doing everything possible to eliminate it. Powering-through can help to resolve almost every possible negative endeavor. A misconception is that being passive and allowing time to solve problems is also a form of powering through, however this is incorrect and is only believed by p.p. headed idiots.
Person 1: Dude, my parents found my stash but I convinced them that it was oregano... I really powered-through that problem.

Person 2: I thought "power-through" meant letting time pass and hoping that the problem resolves itself?

Person 3: No, only dumb kids with under-stimulated brains think that.
by runningfreaks October 02, 2010
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