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Someone who uses exponential thinking to create fear and panic in his competitors—his disruptive business strategies produce exponential growth vis-à-vis his competitors' incremental gains.
CEO David knows that unless he's a ruthless powerist, his company cannot be the market leader in the highly competitive industry.
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by MathPlus May 22, 2017
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One who schemes or commits tactical acts to remain in power at all costs.
(Noun) The consolidation of humanitarian efforts lies in the hands not of the man behind the desk, but remains at the will of the powerist perched above the pews and behind the locked doors of the bank vault.
by Janice Deniquez November 16, 2012
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(Adj.) Describing a person or place of which there is prominent domination over others, usually in physical, political or military means.
The territories with the most to offer, often are stepped on by the soldiers of the powerist nations who have their peripherals set on such treasures
by Janice Deniquez November 19, 2012
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