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An intentional flaunting of capability; namely doing something extraordinarily foolish and still having the support of your peers.
Tracy: "Oh man you guys! I'm so drunk...I'm going to go slap my vagina on the webcam."

David: "Fuck yeah Tracy! You rock... Post that shit on facebook!"

Tracy: "iight Nyuka~!"

Tracy's fans: "You are so hot." etc

(PS! she's fugly)

This is an example of Tracy's powerflex; using social status to get what she wants:

Compliments for something disgusting. (It gets her off, this isn't an inside joke.)
by Dahni March 27, 2010
A person with too much power and flexibility
Also called as bestia, craneo
Dude, I am a beast!!
Maximun power and flexibility!!!!
by Foxtherevenger May 26, 2006
The power and the flexibility of the surfer.
My tatto means powerflex, 'cause I'm powerful and flexible. I'm such a beast.
by Hera666 June 05, 2006
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