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A cock so powerful that with every thrust, the woman getting it will orgasm four consecutive times. If she recieves more than ten thrusts in one month, it may cause her to enter a coma and possibly result in a violent death after going coo coo for powercock.
"Poor Rachel, she didn't know it was a powercock . Hey, are you coming to the funeral this Sunday?"
by Lovin dat Ass April 19, 2007
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powercocking is high intensity wingmanning when multiple guys are needed to help their fellow man secure a bone with an exceptionally hot girl.
Dude 1: Dude, I’m going out with Sylvie tonight, the bitch is so hot I don’t know how to close.
Dude2: Sounds like we need to get the boys together and powercock that bitch!
by walrus316 February 17, 2012
term founded by matt cenca on 10-28-08.

noun; a vainey, triumphant, buldging, thick, long, sweaty, male reproductieve organ. cannot fit in mouth at one time.

a handfull of basterdness cock.
Taylor took matt's power cock in her ass.
by Matt and Taylor October 29, 2008

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