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For when time is of the essence and there simply isn't time for full blown perving or you're liable to get a slap if someone catches you being a creep. A power-perv is a brief period of intense perving over any chosen subject it can be used in many situations, most notably in the office or on the bus. A quick once over of your perv target should suffice. Power pervs are best aimed at the buttocks or if you're feeling particularly pervy, the chest (only do this if wearing sunglasses or we could have a sexual harrassment case on our hands!) note to self, longer than 5seconds and it's just a standard perv.
"dude, power-perv at 12 o'clock"

"i just power-perved the red head at the bus stop"

"seriously man, stop power-perving my mum!"
#pervert #power #creep #flirt #time
by Valvona September 18, 2011
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