(noun.) - The wildest night in orlando on monday nights. (verb.) - The act of taking 60 shots of beer in 60 minutes.

Created by Knightly Scoop. 2005
A: Hey where are you going tonight?
B: Im going to scoop for POWER HOUR

A: How did you get so drunk last night?
B: man, you know I did POWER HOUR
by scooporlando June 08, 2009
This is a different version of POWER HOUR than the "drink 60 oz. of beer in an hour an ounce at a time per minute", that actually sounds really lame.

This Power Hour is no game, it is more of a moment in time.

Power Hour takes place at 3 o' clock in the A.M. but only after or during a night of drinking, after everybody already got drunk and some or most are already starting to pass out.

During "Power Hour" (as soon as it is 3 a.m.) it is the responsibility of the most physically active person to rouse everyone up to start drinking more, thus getting even more intoxicated and, in theory, empowered with the energy to party more.

Warning, depending on how powerful your hour is, and how much you actually drank before THE power hour...this ritual can be pretty dangerous...alcohol poisoning or whatever.
"Man...I drank my ass off. I'm about to pass out..."

"But it's 3 o clock, its time for POWER HOUR!!"

"so be it.. *drinks*"
by Justin TPIAZ July 10, 2008
A period of time devoted to the art of taking a shit. One may be limited to one hour tops, but while taking his/her "power hour", it can be as short as five minutes depending on that day's fiber intake.
Tim came to work and before his boss left, Tim said "I must take my power hour before you leave"
by Braden378 March 10, 2007

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