A power player is a person that is a player but bounces from man or women (depending on gender) more often then a regular player. Other types are a Super duper Power player, and a Super super Duper PowA PlayA.
"hey Anna want to go out with Fredrick?"

"No, He's a Power Player!"
by ThatOneDudeThatsAwesome November 21, 2011
Top Definition
A person who dick rides an admin to gain a perk in a game.
The Power Player is trying to get a df in opo
by xodusakamarq March 25, 2016
The illegal product infringing so many copyrights it ain't even funny. The product comes with a light-gun, a Sega Genesis controller, and an N64 controller. Plug it into your TV and be able to play dozens of pirated games. Don't get one.
I got a Power Player and now Nintendo sued me.
by The All-Knower December 28, 2004
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