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2 definitions by ThatOneDudeThatsAwesome

A high school in elyria, Ohio that is considered to be very ghetto with many ethnicities. Currently being re-built since it was the most ancient school in all of ohio. It is more of a prison now with nothing on the walls because it will void the paint warranty, and rent-a-cops everywhere. You might as well wear an orange jail suit to it, and they should just put barbed wire fences around it. Things it boasts at are sports, excellent music program, and academics.
"Hey John, want to go to Elyria High?"
"No way! I might not get out alive!"
by ThatOneDudeThatsAwesome November 08, 2011
A power player is a person that is a player but bounces from man or women (depending on gender) more often then a regular player. Other types are a Super duper Power player, and a Super super Duper PowA PlayA.
"hey Anna want to go out with Fredrick?"

"No, He's a Power Player!"
by ThatOneDudeThatsAwesome November 21, 2011