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Adj. N. A lesbian with power over a small or large group of other lesbians. They are the supreme leaders over said group and create drama when things don't go their way.
A.Porter from UCSC has control over the entire lesbian communities libidos, she is such a Power Dyke.
by XiWill July 30, 2006
n. Alternate spelling of power dyke. Refers to a member of an elitist lesbian clique, esp. those with a lot of in-group sex/dating. Powerdykes tend to be sexually linked to each other within two or three degrees of separation.

Although most powerdykes are butch, some controversy exists over inclusion of others in the definition. This is a paticularly notable issue among the femme and bisexual girlfriends of powerdykes. They often have as much social clout as the butches themselves, but some purists insist that the "powerdyke" label is related to the dyke appearance as much as it is to popularity. Consensus on this varies by region.

The term "powerdyke" itself originated on the UC Santa Cruz campus but has since spread throughout the nation. It is still primarily used in the college and twenty-something age groups.
Psst! The powerdykes are having a screening of "The L-Word" tonight. It's exclusive, though, so don't bring any of your lame hetero friends.
by ®© March 18, 2007
The ultimate manifestion of a dyke. Including but not limited too; butch hairstyles, extreme masculinity, Tennis shoes paired with dress pants, abssurd excuses for absolutely everything, battle wound from a dog bite, lack of a neck, leather clothing, keys to a harley, nikon watches. Even lesbians dissociate themselves from the "power dyke" species.
I saw that power dyke the other day playing football.
by Shanaqha February 14, 2008

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