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a woman that has muscle control in her booty can make her booty clap at will, not jiggle or shake but clap and its natural when she’s walking or dancing this the reason for the name Power-Booty, she normally has a small waist with wide heart shape hips & booty similar to a pear or onion.
My girlfriend Mercedes has a Power-Booty she can walk down the street, stop then just make her booty clap, like we clap our hands. Very few girls in rap videos can make there booty clap not jiggle, or shake but clap those are the ones with a power booty.
by DrTLJ March 06, 2006
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A round, toned ass that could crush a soda can with a single clap. A booty that makes all ass men want to bow down to it.
That girl has got a power booty. You can tell she does hella squats! Look that those glutes!
by Johnny Kanaka November 17, 2016
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