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2 definitions by DrTLJ

A lady who has a small waist, or smaller waist but has wide or wider hips thus making the booty look bigger, rounder, and fuller which also curve out similar to the curves of an onion Not know at all we call it boom-booms.especialy if it shakes
like wow! that girl has a curvy onion booty it claps make you start to cry.
by DrTLJ March 06, 2006
163 82
a woman that has muscle control in her booty can make her booty clap at will, not jiggle or shake but clap and its natural when she’s walking or dancing this the reason for the name Power-Booty, she normally has a small waist with wide heart shape hips & booty similar to a pear or onion.
My girlfriend Mercedes has a Power-Booty she can walk down the street, stop then just make her booty clap, like we clap our hands. Very few girls in rap videos can make there booty clap not jiggle, or shake but clap those are the ones with a power booty.
by DrTLJ March 06, 2006
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