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When a male (possibly mulletted), who is taking a shit, gets his skanky girlfriend to straddle and bang him whilst still on the toilet.

To have sexual intercourse while defecating into a toilet.
To do the deed while dropping a deuce.
To make babies while making gravy.
To bury the ostrich head while releasing the grocery snake.
BillyBob- "Yo, remember when we stopped at that gas station and there was that big-titty-skank behind the counter."

JonnyBoy- "Uh..yea dude, double-D's at least."

BillyBob- "Yea, well I had to drop a mean duce when I stopped there last nite. I gave her the eye as I walked towards the bathroom, and next thing I knew she was potty-bangin' the shit outta me!"

JonnyBoy- "No pun intended!"

BillyBob- "Shut the fuck up! And comb my mullett for me."
EX 2:
Male- "Baby, I'm runnin' a little late for work this morning but Im horny as hell!"

Skanky McSleaze- "Well...we could do a quickie."

Male- "Or, I could plug your nose and you could just give me a quick potty-bang. That's two birds with one stone you skank!"

Skanky McSleaze- "What!!!...O.K., Fine."
by RenoRyan October 19, 2007
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The act of dropping a deuce while your skanky counterpart bangs you; in either classic 'girl on top' position, or reverse cowgirl.

Making babies while making gravy.
Man, I woke up and had to take a mean dump, but that gas station attendant skank I picked up wanted to fuuuck, so she just held her nose and potty-banged the shit outta me.

Theres nothing like a good potty-bang when you're horny and running short on time in the morning.
by RenoRyan October 15, 2007
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