Verb: To urinate. (Verb version is NOT used to describe going #2. The noun version of potty, since it is the receptacle a person is sitting on, obviously applies to EITHER #1 OR #2).

Adjective: A type of mouth from which foul language has just exited.
Verb example: I have to go potty (as opposed to your kid needing to, or have already GONE poo poo, in which case would say, "daddy, I need to go poo poo," or "daddy, wipe my bum I went poo poo."

Adjective example: "You shut your potty mouth right now," or "Kaytlyn over there is known for her potty mouth."
by Stacy N. October 03, 2005
Top Definition
1. Toilet.
2. To urinate or deficate.
1.I have to use the potty.
2.I have to go potty.
by Kenzie November 26, 2003
1. toilet
2. having to go to the toilet
Mom i have to go to the bathroom!!! Mom!! i have to go now!!! Not now honey, you should have gone at home. But i have to go now!!!! MOM!!! ssss too late now
by AcornMuffin November 05, 2004
A person obsessed with Harry Potter, much akin to a Trekkie but indelibly worse.

Usually seen decked out in the colors of their favorite house(scarves, fake glasses, fake scars,'magic wands',robes, etc) casting imaginary spells at one another.

Tend to associate with houses based on their morals, and what each house represents. Color is often another major choosing point.

Can be found in front of movie theaters for midnight releases of Harry Potter movies, or at J.K. Rowling book signings. Also at other alternative social activities, such as anime/comic/harry potter conventions, book stores, and family basements.

A potty can be either male or female, and are often single, but do tend to inter-date one another. Incredibly socially awkward, and often introverted. Their preferred non-potty crowd is interspersed with other socially awkward folk,(D&D/Yu-gi-oh/pokemon/WoW players, anime fans, comic book folk, goths, etc.) with whom they will also pursue relations.
Person 1: Wanna go to the movies tonight?

Person 2: No, the new Harry Potter flick just came out. The
theater is gonna be Potty heaven. Maybe next week.


Person 1: Did you see <insert name> today all decked out in Gryffindor crap. Doesn't he/she realize that Harry Potter is fake? What a potty.
by I hate Harry Potter fans. August 25, 2011
A toilet where a toddler goes on
My little bro had to use the potty today to take a huge shit
by jessibe January 29, 2015
What little kids call the toilet.
Mommy I need to go poo-poo in the potty!!!! Mommy I need to pee-pee in the potty!!!!
by Rayman280 July 16, 2012
Pot Head
My husband gets stoned all the time. What a damn potty!
by Bigmama99 April 10, 2015
Someone who sends dick pics,usually on snapchat, to other lads
"You are such a potty"
by Fisjaikskajajaj May 25, 2016
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