Some one who is so overly obsessed with Harry Potter they refer to it as "the drug". Symptoms of a Potter Head include:
- Crazy wild look in the eye
- Lightning bolt some where on the body and/or round spectacles.
- Whenever the word "book" is mentioned said potter head turns around immeadiately and starts twitching
- Talks really loud and fast whenever having a conversation about HP
- Talks really fast and loud all the time because they are always talking about HP
- Screams and tries to hold your hand if your name is Harry, sur-name is Potter, or your initials are HP or HJP.
-Finds other Potter Heads to wack you with baseball bat if mentioned that you do not care for their master.
Sanjaya: Yeah, Harry Potter just isn't my thing.

Then out swarm thousands of Potter Heads, all carrying heavy and/or spiky objects.
by Nonyo Binness September 30, 2007
Somebody who knows everything about Harry Potter, obsesses over it and in general stays up until 5am reading a HP book with a torch, or looking up Harry Potter Forums on Google.

A Potterhead is NOT the following:
Someone who pronounces the spells incorrectly. (e.g; instead of ''Avada Kedavra,'' they would pronounce it as ''Abracadabra!'')
Someone who calls Severus, as in Severus Snape, Snape. Just Snape.

A person who ''fangirls/boys'' about them online, but typing like this: ''OMG I LUV HP SOOOO MUCH LIKE OMG TOTES I LUV EM ALL.''
Someone who has only ever watched the films, and hasn't read the books.
Fake Potterhead: I LUV HP!!!!11 <3
Potterhead: Oh yes, of course you do. What's Ron's middle name?
Fake Potterhead: Weasley!!!1
Potterhead: No! It's Ronald Billius Weasley, therefore the middle name is BILLIUS.

Friend: Hey, dude, do you wanna come and check out my new house?
Potterhead: No, no... *too busy watching HP7 Part 2*.
by Bella Lestrange November 12, 2012
A Harry potter fanatic
The premier was jam packed with potterheads dressed in costume
by Louisgene July 27, 2011
For all you poor muggles and squibs who have no idea the wow-ness of Harry Potter, a Potterhead is part of the best fandom in the world. Potterheads have read ALL the books, watched the movies, and were annoyed that Harry Potter himself did not use the Elder wand to fix his own. Potterheads are those who know who Peeves and Winky are, are found to say 'always' and have a slight panic attack when hearing the words magic or giant. Also, Potterheads can be found trying to bring children into the fandom and (usually) read or write fanfictions. Potterheads are known for the amount of online friends they have and the lack of real friends.
A: Hagrid is such a weirdo.
A: Who's Grawp?
by Potterscrinator September 26, 2013
A fan of Harry Potter who is obsessed.
John Doe is SUCH a potter-head. He must get a lot of girls.
by Cat June 07, 2004
People who are generally obsessed with the Fandom known as Harry Potter. These people are rather Awesome and have the most amazing taste in books and authors.
Potterheads also have a Queen, also known as J.K.Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter. She is their Idol.

Potterheads Bucket Lists usually include the following:

-Meet the Cast of HP and J.K.Rowling
-Read and Watch HP at least 10 times
-Watch AVPM/S/SY
-Meet Team Starkid
-Go to the Warner Brothers Studios (The Making of HP)
-Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando
-Visit the Hogwarts Castle.
-Own as much HP Merchandise as possible.
Person 1: OMG! OMG! I got the tickets!

Person 2: For what?!

Person 1: Warner Bros Studio! I'm going to the Making of Harry Potter Tour!

Person 2: You're such a Potterhead.
by starkid_potter7 September 23, 2012
a teenage international social group of hardcore Harry Potter fans.
They usually write fanfiction, music (so called Wizardrock) and make any other kind of art.


Being a Potterhead usually has an influence to further life of a teenager.

Many popular writers have an episode in fanfiction.
For example polish writer Ewa Białołęcka or american Cassandra Clare.


Many Potterheads make music called Wizardrock. It's new genere of music in which lyrics are about Harry Potter world.

Two most popular musicals are A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel. Star of those performances - Darren Criss - is now in a popular TV show Glee.
Potterheads made A Very Potter Musical. Yeah, Darren Criss was once a Potterhead!

Cassandra Clare wrote fanfiction.
by Arsine Black February 03, 2012
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