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1. (noun) A Potopov is a Russian name, not to be confused with "Pop-The-Top" often given to babies that were failed to be aborted in the womb.

2. (Verb) The act of scuttling abruptly in a very exhaggerated manner (not to be confused with sprinting or running) in hopes of snatching his/her prey.

3. (verb) Potopoving is a specific talent within the martial arts spectrum. The art is practiced with specifically designed nun-chucks, which when mastered, will allow the beholder to penetrate through flesh.
Potopov, often reffered to as the destroyer of realms.
There is a refference to a "Potopov" in a late 16th century Russian fairy tail entitled "Аферисты пениса"

There is an unrelated term called "Potopovous" which is a rare, but serious testicular disease in which the testicles often get entangled within the scrotum for reasons unknown to science.

It is claimed that only a man by the name of Artem, who resides in the deep and dark tunnels of the Goosneck Woods as a hermit, knows about the arts of Potopoving. He recently escaped his abusive family in search of a mystical power and hasn't been seen since
by Story teller Jack June 14, 2011
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