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The Potomac School is one of the best schools in Virginia. The academics are hard and the people are all very nice. Potomac students do a large amount of community service throughout the year and are very disciplined. There are a lot of drugs and drinking problems but this is what you get at any school with large amounts of money. The girls are all very pretty and the boys are very smart. All in all if you are looking at private schools in Virginia, Potomac is the place to be.
Pretty girl walks in with smart looking boy. They are very nice.
Gonzaga Boy: They must go to the Potomac School...
Landon Boy: Yeah you're right. They definitely do.
by schoolrater September 12, 2010
A place where honest, nice people go to get screwed over by douchebags and to be treated like shit. To become suicidal. To attack themselves physically with fucking mechanical pencils. To try to kill themselves (twice). To lose faith in life and the world. In a word: HELL.
Potomac School Asshole #1: Lets go bro out and LAX and talk about porn and lie about how big our dicks are!

Potomac School Asshole #2: Yeah, and afterwards, let treat the kids who haven't said anything to or about us like shit!

Potomac School Asshole #1: Yeah! We can take a piss in their stuff. Sooo clutch bro!
by Saddened Student October 03, 2010
The Potomac School in Mclean Virginia is a preppy school(for grades k-12) with bitchy girls who want to be hot(but they are NOT!) and wana-be abracrombie guys. not all the people are like that...but the majority is! It is a school for super rich kids and has had the ex VP's grand children and royalty. Yup! there is secret service all over! they are a VERY RICH school. its academics are great and hard.The school its self is fake, they pretend to be one big Comunity. they use the word comunity in every assembily!no joke!They pretend to be ethnicaly divers, but they are not. it is a very white school. it is VERY liberal, democratic, and LAME! Trust me I went there for 8 years! I cant believe I made it out alive!
Potomac School kid #1-I can't believe I got a Mercedes for my 15th birthday!
Other kid- I know it is a nice car!
Potomac Kid #1- Ew no! I wanted a costum Rolos Roysce! now I will never fit in!
Potomac kid #2- Haha! you have a Mercedes!LAME!
by ex Potomac Student...YAY! March 31, 2009

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