Potatum (pronounced po-tay-tum) is Latin for potato, however it is also linked to the name Tatum, meaning cheerful. The Romans believed the a potato was a cheerful vegetable built of what is calledhappy matter. It is thought to have brought luck and happiness into peoples lives.

Now though it is commonly used as an insult as the potato cannot think for itself. Scientests have carried out several test proviving the potatoes can be used for batteries when mixed with copper but it does not prove that the potato has a mind of its own.
Euan: He got all of the answers wrong in the test!
Robert: What a Potatum!
by haamooseesee1 July 27, 2008

8 Words Related to Potatum

this is a potata
by bleh September 08, 2003
the right way to say potato, if you're cool.
hey, Jim, pass me them potatas....Ma, could you ask Jim for the potatas. Ma? MA! yeah, that's right, the potatas.
by Canada street's in the bldg. March 03, 2005

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