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People who indulge in sexual frivolity with potatoes
Woman: Do you want to have sex?

Man: No, sorry. I like potatoes.

Woman: So you're a potatosexual?

Man: Yes, yes I am. I am a person who indulges in sexual frivolity with potatoes

Woman: I have to go now..

Man: Alright you going to Danny's later?

Woman: Yes

Man: Will there be any potatoes?

Woman: I'm not sure

Man: I'll bring some just in case
by Mr.Fuzz August 30, 2008
People who are strongly against other sexualities and resort to a passionate love with Potatos.
Hey honey, wanna come to my house?

Hell no Imma go fuck some potatos, bitch. I'm potatosexual.
by Fishyboss June 05, 2011