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Jamie: Potato Pancakes! RIGHT NOW!

Marty: Hellz yeah, Bitch!
by FCR.com March 10, 2010
What Walter Bedeker's wife Ethel is; from the Twilight Zone episode "Escape Clause".
Walter Bedeker: Ethel, YOU are a potato pancake; you're as tasteless as a potato pancake.
by MarbleRyeOne December 09, 2010
When a fist bump meets a high five.
Gary was expecting a high-five and puts his hand up but receives a fist bump into his open palm. This is called a Potato Pancake
by Frozen Butterfly March 05, 2011
a golden brown, flat, fried, pan-like object usually comprised of potato, lightly salted, dipped in catsup.
"May i have a Potato Pancake" says Kristin. "What the fuck is that?" Says chow hall server
by J-bone and K-Dawg and Lil Bit November 06, 2008