A man who farms potato.
A boy who resembles a potato.
A man who would rather talk to potatos than go on proper dates.
A man who lives with potatoes.
That potato farmer totally spent last night at home instead of on the date I asked him to.
by BeezyFinestBeezy August 03, 2006
A ethnic person who prefers the company of country white folk
Yo Lisa is such a Potato Farmer, she goes out to the country just for the guys.
by Johnny_Bravo August 15, 2008
A man or woman who is only attracted to a member of the opposite sex when they are in a relationship.
That potato farmer stole my wife
by jobe the lawnmower man May 26, 2011
A person who resides at the farthest parts of eastern Long Island. Usually looks and acts like they just walked off the filming set of Deliverence. Most of the time they can't walk and chew gum at the same time and should be residents of Simple City.
There are alot of potato farmers in Stuart Florida
by buck burrmeister September 16, 2006

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