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A posterboy (or “poster boy,” also “postergirl/poster girl” as appropriate) is a usually famous person who is heavily associated with and/or generally found to represent a given movement, subculture, religious group, fandom, etc. to people who do not belong to said group. The name comes from their frequent appearances in the group’s promotional materials, especially posters. Generally, they are very outspoken, opinionated and experienced within their group, though a single act gaining major media attention can also thrust someone into posterboy-dom. Examples of posterboys include Richard Dawkins for the atheist community and Dan Savage for the homosexual community.

Unfortunately, due to the vocal minority effect, and the fact that sensationalist actions and statements tend to gain the most mainstream media attention, many posterboys hold wildly extreme views that aren’t supported by the majority of their groups, leading many to unfairly judge others who are normally perfectly sane.
I hate calling myself an atheist anymore because our posterboys like Dawkins and Hitchens make us all look like assholes.
by arthousegrunge October 03, 2013
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An extreamly hot guy who gets all the attention. Hes normally fashionable and gets on with everyone. Well loved and georgious.
That boys a fucking posterboy!! Hes so Faf
by MattMinx March 02, 2009
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A person who poses off other people and tells people about as if she/he created it

Poses- A person - usually in middle or high school, who is insecure about him/herself and trys very hard not to be a "conformist" or a "prep," by doing things like: purchasing a skateboard or guitar, purchasing a great deal of clothing and accessories from hot topic, and listening to pop-punk bands such as simple plan, yellowcard, etc. usually, this supposedly "nonconformist" behavior just backfires on him/her, because now he/she is still conforming, just to a different group of people. so the moral of the story is to be yourself.
Sam the posterboy always takes my style of clothing and acts like it his.
by ed edd n eddie April 12, 2012
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