The end of your life.

You can no longer post on Tumblr for the rest of the day/night and you have to wait till 12:00 to start posting again.
Tumblr Person 1: How come you're not posting anymore?

Tumblr Person 2: My life is over untill 12am... post limit ):
by June 01, 2012
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The post-limit is the worst possible thing that could ever happen to the common Tumblr addict. After a user posts what Tumblr finds as "too much" pictures, videos, music, etc. they will reach their Post-Limit. At first, users will usually think, "What?" and after recovering from Post-Limit Shock, they will most likely be angry. A way to bypass this is, have the user go to their settings, and change their timezone to somewhere that is one day ahead of them.
User: Aw shit, I reached my Post-Limit.
by IL0VEYOUALL January 30, 2012
Tumblr's way of bringing out Satan.
hipster : im literally going to have a meltdown. i'm on post limit. ugh what even is life.
by perffume February 09, 2013
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