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Post-Ghaith-Depression (PGD) is a new phenomen that has recently been discovered by an unknown high school student. This phenomen is a result from playing with someone who's "Ghaithing". "Ghaithing" is a word that is only used when playing League of Legends. So what does it mean? It means that you're playing terribly, you're feeding the opponent and cannot tell when to retreat.

Symptons of PGD:
- You feel like there's no reason to play League of Legends anymore.
- Less interest in life or any social activities.
- Low self esteem and Psychological projection.
When Ghaithing in game, your amount of deaths are significant more than kills/assist

After losing a game with someone who's Ghaithing, you feel Post-Ghaith-Depression.
by NikkåJohan October 24, 2011

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