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Posmod, an abbreviation for the new and exciting “Postmodern" cultural movement. Tired of all the plaid, vegetarianism and caring, this anti-hipster geek movement started in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Ironically ironic, totally self-aware and too selfish to pretend like they care, the Posmod crowd is beyond hip.

Today's Posmods enjoy new-age yet awesomely retro vodka-based spirits such as the gimlet and the frodka.

In general, they are made uncomfortable by children and enjoy and enjoy lofty perches and spying.

Common Posmod phrases include:

“We know about it.”
“That’s kind of a big deal.”
“That’s so Posmod.”
“That’s so shift + 4.”
Anyone geeky and cool who isn't trying to be a hipster is fairly Posmod.
by GirlFromRaleigh March 26, 2012