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When someone is kneeling down giving a guy a blow job in the shower, he then proceeds to shoot his hot sticky load in both of her eyes, then he bails out, turns the cold water on, and laughs his ass off.
(Guy) Dude, I totally poseidon revenged that girl from the bar last night.

(Girl) I was so pissed when Tyler Poseidons Revenged me last night. I had so much cum in my eyes I was crawling around like a mummy because I couldn't see.
by d-blip April 06, 2008
A sexual act involving two partners, a diving board, and a pool at least 7 feet deep. The receiving partner is in the water, with their orifice of choice facing upwards and above the water. The other partner climbs the diving board, jumps off, and penetrates the other in the water. Whether you hit or miss, this is guaranteed to be quite an experience for both of you.
"Babe, I love you and all, but I wanna spice things up, sexually."

"You want spice? I will give you Poseidon's revenge with full force, how's that for spice?"
by nochilliam August 27, 2016
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