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Its when a woman puts her legs behind her head and the man cracks an egg in a bowl with chopped up ham and chives and cheese, mixes it up and pours it into her ass. Then she squats over a hot griddle and shits the mix onto the griddle. The man cooks the mixture and eats it.
Dick and Jane made a Portuguese Omlet
by Mistahtom September 02, 2005

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When a man and a woman are planning to have sex and they get an egg or two and dump it into the woman's vagina have sex, dump out the egg, cook it, and eat it!
Ted: Man that Portuguese Omlet was great last night and that omlet for breakfast in the morning was delicious.

Fred: That's sick man!

Ted: Who cares at least I'm livin the good life!
by KaitySoHot January 11, 2008