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the most friendliest and laid bac ppl in Europe
what is ur grudge against Portugal and portuguese people? are u so furious that Portugal made it to the final vs. Greece in the Euro 2004?......and the only way of making urself feel better is by putting a country of which u have no understanding of how beautiful and cultured it is......seriously, Rui, get a life.
by Gabi - forca portugal!!! March 17, 2005
Small people with short legs which don't support them very well.

When they try to play games, such as football, they fall over a lot.

They cry when they get up off the floor and realise they haven't got a penalty, the ref didn't help them this time and they've lost again.
The Portugas are cheats, because of this they have never won a major tournament.
by Rui Caralho July 09, 2004
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