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A portkey can be any seemingly harmless object, like a football or a dolphin. However, a person cannot be a portkey, because if that person were to touch themself, they would constantly be transported to different places.
"Sir, can, like, a person be a portkey?"
"No, that's absurd. If they were to touch themselves, they'd constantly be transported places"
#harry potter #j.k rowling #a very potter musical #severus snape #ron weasley
by AVPM September 28, 2009
A portkey is an enchanted object that when touched will transport the one or ones who touch it to anywhere on the globe decided on by the enchanter.
Lavender: Um, Professor, can like a PERSON be a portkey?

Snape: No, that's absurd. Because if a person were to TOUCH THEMSELVES they would constantly be transported into different places
#avpm #hermione #snape #dolphin #football
by Hermione J Granger June 05, 2012
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