An influential but egocentric bunch of musicians from Bristol in the UK.
Renowed for their offensive, prima donna attitudes to the staff of all venues unlucky enough to put them on. In fact their split was partly down to the fact no promotor or venue would touch them in the end.
"After last night, there is NO WAY Portishead are ever coming back to play here again"
(the management of Bristols New Trinity Arts Centre after a typical portishead gig)
by Black Flag February 15, 2004
Top Definition
Influential female fronted band from Bristol, UK. Part of the trip hop genre with their laid back beats and cool scratching. Their first album "Dummy" (1994) was praised by the media. And their second album, "Portishead" was welcomed warmly, although had quite a different sound to their first album. It was more dark and disturbed. But still just as original and enjoyable with that distinct jazz-fusion meets hip-hop feel about it.
Fans of Portishead often also enjoy Massive Attack, DJ Shadow, Lamb, Earthling, and Goldfrapp.
by Bronnie Tyler January 05, 2004
The best band on earth
OMG It's Portishead!
by Dashite July 10, 2003
An under-the-skin pimple that you can't see but you can feel and it hurts really, really bad.
Man, I got this portishead on my face and it hurts like a muther!
by amandajene February 01, 2010
Anything that is less than completely satisfactory.
That food was Portishead!!
by Adam Farenden April 19, 2008
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