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When a group of 2 or more people dance and drink in a portable toilet.
In 1987, 3 teenagers decided to have a party in the smallest location possible. They came across a construction yard with a few portable toilets, so they jumped in.

Thus, Porta-Party was born.
by Josh RM February 19, 2007
Someone that can make anything fun.
"I heard no one cool will be at the party, so it probably won't be fun..."

"It doesn't matter, at least Trent will be there, he's a portaparty!"
by J-Mosis May 07, 2005
A group of vagrant partymongers traveling in small bands; partycrashers
Jaque: Who are those people who just showed up?
Kimi:Oh, that's that Kensington port-a-party.
Jaque: Okay. I saw them last weekend at Buz's and didn't know who they were.
by 13YearsStrong October 15, 2008
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