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Best place in the world, mostly vacation town, wish i lived there, i bet they have some sick parties witht he beach and all, in ontario.
Me: Hey, you wanna go to port stanley for the day?
You: Only if we can get some mackies fries and orangeaid!
by superjbdfkjbrebfbdjbfkjds March 25, 2010
(noun)-A terrible place located on the northern shore of lake erie. The place in question is a complete shit-hole filled with cocky rich people that haven't really accomplished anything and no one knows how they got their money. Port Stanley is also slang for crack-cocaine (because the place is so ghetto and bad), whenever someone asks for "a ride to Port Stanley" they are trying to buy drugs from you. Do not go there or try to speak to anyone who lives there.
1-Can I have a ride?
1-Port Stanley
by ieat TURTLES March 06, 2011
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