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A city slightly north of the Tourist Attraction Clearwater, in Florida, Port Richey is filled with the sewage run off of people that couldn't quite make it. Though not all citizens of Port Richey are helpless drug addled losers with nothing going on, they account for more than half of the population. Port Richey is a wonderful wasteland, where the majority of arrests go to Walmart Thefts, and the second highest goes to Narcotics Possession. Where there are more hotels for the exchange of paid sex than there are actual hotels, Port Richey should be avoided at all costs.
Dave: Hey man, did you hear that Port Richey is getting a Pro Team?
Scott: No way, what's their name gonna be?
Dave: The Port Richey Pillheads

Scott: Hey man, you know where I can trade some of these Vicodins for Sexual Favors?
Dave: Dude, just head up Highway 19 until the Sun stops shining, then find a hotel that looks abandoned.
by Tilyth July 15, 2016
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