Small rural town located in Kitsap County, north-western Washington. Known for a high school too small for its huge number of students, the marching band at said high school, HiJoy Bowl (the only form of entertainment), and the druggies.
'So, you go to South Kitsap High School, in Port Orchard, right?'
'You must be a drugged up marching nerd.'
'... Yeah, pretty much.'
'Of course.'
by pterydactyl12345 March 30, 2010
Top Definition
Small, rural town in Washington state. Known for its meth addicts and notable lack of an orchard, this little town is located near the Bremerton Navy Base, and is home to HIJOY bowl, the only local entertainment.
"Wanna do something in Port Orchard?"
"Nah, man, I hate boweling".
by Sidney Road April 20, 2008
a small town in washington state that no one's ever heard of. known for it's meth addictions, pot heads, and south kitsap high school. also known as pot orchard, poDunk, or poor tortured. located in kitsap county, also known as shitsap county.
"where you live?"
"i live in port orchard. it's in kitsap county."
"you know, meth, pot, bowling?"
"ohhh you mean pot orchard in shitsap county! sucks dude."
by dgefgearg March 21, 2010
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