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The ability to name, recognize, remember and/or recall every porno movie, picture, pornstar and moneyshot that you've ever laid eyes upon. (The greater the volume, the greater the commendation.)
See: Moneyshot
Sir Spanks-a-lot confidently deleted the recently downloaded Young-Dum and Full of Cum.mpg #5c, starring Aurora Snow, as his pornographic memory informed him that it was already stored on his computer's hard drive; cluster#: 43,600; sector# 165; Size: 133,455,000 bytes, et al.
by Jackie Treehorn March 07, 2004
The ability to recognize the identity of a person by merely glancing at their buttocks or breasts.
Brian must have a "pornographic memory" because he can recognize Lisa based on her buttocks.
by palistimatos February 14, 2012
The ability to remember any movie, book or event perfectly, but with more sex.
To many, her pornographic memory seemed like a gift but recollections of family reunions were quite awkward and traumatic.
by evtron March 31, 2011
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