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When Facebook turns into a porn site.

"facebook was always that safe site i'd switch to when my mother entered the room.
now i have no safe site." - McHale Romano

Official PornBook page:
Bill: yo tom, know any good porn sites?
Tom: yeah try
Bill: what?! that is facebook.
Tom: just trust me.
Bill: i cant fap to this, its more like Pornbook then Facebook.
by Mr.WTFpurple November 14, 2011
What the general community will now refer "Facebook" as after mid November 2011, the time when unsuspecting Facebook users' news feeds started getting spammed with unwanted porn.
"I can no longer stand by and watch as my news feed gets molested by "Sneaky Hat" and photos of his pin-dick."
*Deletes account*
"Goodbye forever PornBook..."
by Latchleyyyy November 17, 2011
A netbook used when other company provided computers are available and therefore is mainly used for porn and other NSFW activities.
Don't open that email unless you're on your pornbook
by BobPhilips April 25, 2010
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