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When a man recieves a hand job on his fully soft cack. This action begins to increase the blood flow to his softie, making it more firm. A porklift can take place at any time, even in the middle of a family dinner.
Sweeney- "Yo baby, wanna tug this scholonga dong?"
Arislady- "You's a softie my main man"
Sweeney-"Gimme a porklift beeotch."
by StreetBikeTakeover August 05, 2009
40 9
The act of bending your arms in such a way that it forms a 90 degree angle like the prongs of a forklift then, from behind, inserting your arm prongs under the arms of a woman beside her breasts and then lifting her up.

Note: Works better on a "porky" woman.
He just porklifted her.
by Santa Claus-Okemos March 10, 2009
5 0
an overweight,fat,chunky,obese person's vehicle.
fat chick:hi guys wanna see my new sports car
the dude:that's a really sweet porklift you got their Annie.
fat chick:what?
the dude:pork-lift.
by nutbag911 October 15, 2009
3 0