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a snack, its deep fried peices of pork fat, ya can gerrem from the butchers and the pubs, its very tasty, they also call em pork scrachings or pork crackling, they meck em all around the world, and are popular in the midlands region of england and the southern states of america!!
gorra gooen ge' maya bagga pork rind aer kid
by paul hinton December 09, 2005
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The condition of a female's vaginal cavity after hours and hours of dry sex. The natural "juices" are depleted after a long session and the friction creates an unpleasant, burning feeling for the female. Knowing that the female is in utter pain, the male keeps going and going until ejaculation anyway.
Ronald took two viagras and fucked Minnie Cooper all night long. Half way through she got dry, but 'ole Ronnie, being the Stud he is, rode that PORK RIND to the end.
by e-rips December 17, 2003
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