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Porcupine Tree is the greatest band ever
by el_Sethro August 20, 2005
A progressive rock band from Hemel Hempstead in England. Founded by multi-instrumentalist and production mastermind, Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree has managed to defy genres by blending in styles of psychedelia, ambient, and avant-garde in order to create rich, organic musical landscapes that are refreshing and compulsively seductive.

(In case any of you are wondering, Steven has gone on record to say that the name Porcupine Tree is a nostalgic term, harkening back to the days of creative and ambitious musicians whose names were as interesting as their music)

Possibly the greatest rock band of this generation.
If you like thoughtful, flawlessly executed, and richly textured rock music that isn't afraid to venture into unknown territories, you need look no further than Porcupine Tree.
by SirTarquinUnderspoon February 16, 2010
A band capable of making no bad music, even if they were rotting corpses that couldn't move, the sound of bugs eating their entrails would still be pure musical genius, because their spirits would will the insects to create harmonies and rhythms.

Sarcasm is ineffective when describing this band. All bad things said are wrong. Your argument is invalid.
Porcupine Tree is an awesome band. There is no other opinion. Opinions can be wrong.
by Foofy! May 09, 2011
An experimental Faggy Hippie Rock band which was literally created by Musician Steven Wilson who recorded his own drums, guitar, bass, vocals, and synth effects in the early 90's.

For the most part they play unique keyboard/acoustic ballads but in their recent albums have taken a more metal approach to their music. Their best CD however is of course the Metal/Synth experiment called 'Deadwing'.
Porcupine Tree? They are bad ass.....but Wilson won't tell anybody what the hell their name means.
by Jeffery Lebowski July 19, 2006

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