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1.A plump, long nippled, no armed eskimo who skinny dips in chocolate pumpkin pie particuluarly around winter time, and shits themselves profusely amongst a pile of cone wearing, pajama topped gimpy pirate geese and nomadic flatuluent rice crispy retards. Usually belonging to the Meekanomaddafoyomamma tribe of western easter Bumblequeef New Mexico.
2. A mispronounced version of the word poptart, used in substitution of the real word when so hungry that the brain cells lack the ability to function properly.
3. An exclamation used in a state close to that of terrets.
4. The word used for a big Irish kid used by the lover of the same descent.
1. Look at that Popta, his nipples are so long it makes me scream.
2. Popta!
3. Popta!!
#popta #poptart #meatwad #moose #cranberry
by mothra meatwad August 11, 2007
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