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Any cardboard tube is called a poppo. This comes from the two sounds you get. First the pop when you hit someone on the head then the oh from the one you hit. Poppos can be a lot of fun. Wrapping paper tube poppos are great swords.
The paper towel poppo made the best pop sound on my friends head.
by Hellopoppo March 12, 2016
Poppo is a indie-folk band from sweden that i discovered on myspace, they are so good ;>

its also the only good thing comming from malmo, sweden
Someone: Have you ever heard poppo?

Someone2: No, whats that

Someone: Its a swedish Indie-Folk band from malmo-

Someone2: oh, cool
#poppo #indiefolk #music #myspace #cute
by Hannah30021 July 07, 2009
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