In a small brown bottle that says gold on it. Take them through your nose. Makes you feel drunk and makes our face go really really warm and throbs!

Also makes you wanna shag.

Makes anal loose!


Gay Man: Lets have anal

Gayer Man: Take some poppers

Gay Man: To make it LOOSE

Gayer Man: Ooooo so it makes it easier and less painful?

Gay Man: Yes! :D

Gayer Man: *Smiles and drops trousers*

by Luxxy January 04, 2007
someone who is actin wreckless likee they have intaked too muchh marijuana!
haley why you soo popper today?
idk i haven't even had any marijuana!
by pooper joe July 07, 2010
The knocking of fists as a form of greeting, departure, respect; or to mimic a high five as in coolness, acknowledgement, amusement, or agreement.
That was awesome, gimme a popper. -see pound
by Adam Avz May 03, 2007
A break dancer who does "pop and lock" moves. Can also describe, but not as often, a raver's "popping" type of dance where they bounce on the balls of their toes.
That guy in the Black Eyed Peas is an ill popper.
by Genevieve August 31, 2004
An individual who has uncontrollable orgasms.
Mitch: Dennis, check out that chick!
Dennis: Where? Over there? Aw shit!
Mitch: Dennis has done it again! Popper!
by Guy Smiley November 12, 2003
A fallacious woman, who participates in sexual activity with numerous sex partners.
Nah, dont mess with her my dude, she a popper.
by pat ricketts November 22, 2006
popper- 1.a ratchet girl,or female. 2. a ugly female. 3.a freespirit(304).4. she dress nasty,looks like she could be a prostitute. popped
All them girls in that house poppers.
Yo girl popped.
She a popper,she been wit every nigga in da hood
by Greenstar81 April 16, 2008

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