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A small amount of tobacco packed into a patty shape with a round ball of marijuana rolled on top of it. Usually stuffed into a "popper bottle". This marijuana smoking technique is common in Southern Ontario, Canada. Produces the same affects as regular marijuana usage along with a slight head rush produced by the tobacco. Popper smokers do not tend to smoke the tobacco part and use it as a sort of screen in the popper bottle tube of the smoking apparatus. Many unique words are used to describe various parts of smoking "popper or poppers" such as: "Sitch" which is the small amount of tobacco ripped from an end of a cigarette to form the base of a popper. "Spoof" which is a filtration device made of a toilet paper roll stuffed with bounty sheets to trap marijuana smoke and the hefty aroma and the "Popper Bottle" itself also known as a "PB" which is usually made of a used soda pop bottle with a nipple tube from a lamp stuck in the side. The "Popper Bottle" is airtight and holds a small amount of water to filter the smoke as the user inhales through the spout of the bottle.
Yo, let's hit some poppers...
I need a new popper bottle, this ones all gross!
Ewww... I just swallowed a hot rock from that popper.
by Whooha February 05, 2007
Amyl Nitrate. Refers to a small, usually brown bottle of solvents or the solvents themselves, which are sniffed, usually during homosexual sex by the bottom. Amyl Nitrate boosts blood pressure, relaxing the anus and making anal sex more comoftable. Also known as snappers.
Man, that guy uses poppers so much, i could fit my fist in his hole!
by mash92587 October 29, 2005
Amyl nitrate and related volatile solvents, usually supplied in a small brown glass bottle. Name derives from the fact that the liquid used to come in glass ampoules for medicinal use as a cyanide antidote that 'popped' when broken open. Nowadays often supplied as 'room odorisers' or 'aromas' in order to get around medicines legislation, and used almost exclusively as a recreational drug and sex aid by gay men. Not actually illegal to possess in most countries. Works by relaxing smooth muscle thereby dilating blood vessels, causing a rush of blood to the head and drop in blood pressure, resulting in an intense but short-lived high. Also relaxes the muscle of the anal sphincter, thus facilitating the entry of foreign objects, especially large penises.
Russell took a deep inhalation of poppers just before Mark shoved his 10-inch cock into his arsehole, in order to ready it for the pounding it was about to receive.
by ukfaggot April 06, 2006
Amyl Nitrate or its kin. An inhalant that is sniffed and gives a short term head rush high, and also relaxes the smooth muscles of the body. Usually used by gay community and referred to as "poppers." Poppers in combination with Viagra (blue diamonds) are a lethal combination... heart failure.
bottom looking for top to use my starfish... popper friendly
by Archimedes March 24, 2004
Poppers are great for anal sex! They make your ass so loose and relaxed that you can do lots of "unconventional" things, providing they last less than 5 minutes or so, before the poppers run out.
I took some poppers and ended up with two cocks pumping my ass hole- I didn't feel and pain, just pleasure...so much pleasure...it made me cum!
by jeff123456789 February 27, 2006
A method of smoking marijuana and tobacco using a popper piece. A popper piece consists of a long cylindrical tube, like the piece in your bong, just without the bowl. Take a cigarette and cut off a small portion and shove it straight down into the piece leaving a gap of space on top to pack marijuana into. Pack the marijuana in as tight as possible. Light up and brew slowly, until its all cherried, then suck hard, pulling it all through the piece, making it 'pop' :D
Jon : Man, I love poppers so much! I get right fucked up

Matt : Fuck yeah !
by SmitsJon September 16, 2009
a substance that is commonly used in sexual intercourse, mostly but not exclusivley in the gay comunity because poppers help to relax the anal muscles (crucial in anal intercourse) which makes it easier to achieve succesful penetration.
last night this guys dick was so big that we needed poppers and lube to get it up the ass.
by bigbadboy June 13, 2006
A way to smoke weed mixed with cigerettes. You cut as peice of cigerrette, half a centimeter or so, and shove it in a long metal tube (incense tubes work too). Once its stuck in the tube, top it with weed and hit it lightly, and when you have brewed a fat bong toke you suck really hard and pull all that shit through. Poppers get you really fucked up but it wears off after like 10 minutes or so. In southern ontario, we smoke poppers all the time.
Dude , that poppers water is fuckin' nasty!
by Peter Popper December 30, 2009