To indicate to another that you wish to cease discussion on whatever the active subject may be.
Person #1: "I don't know what kind of flowers I want at my wedding. I like lilies, but I also like carnations. Carnations are probably too 'cheap' though. Oooo... what about tulips? Aren't tulips great? Are they even in season though? I would totally die if I could get tulips. Or maybe just lilies. Those are kind of classic, huh?"

Person #2: "PopoZao."
by Tony Alexander May 08, 2006
An slang explanation used in certain internet circles to denote that a homerun has been hit by Philadelphia Phillies first baseman (2005 Rookie of the Year) Ryan Howard.
"Howard just went deep! Popozao!"
by HBombPopo May 16, 2006
1. The first single by Kevin Federline of his CD "Playing with Fire" , great club song.
2. In Portugese, it means "big ass".
1. Man, PopoZao just gets me pumped up before the big game!
2. Gatihna sai do chao, vai descendo o popozao
(in english) Get to the dance floor, and shake that ass!
by Mark Grady April 13, 2006
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