To be elected to the position of Pope in the Roman Catholic Church.
Steps to become "Poped" if interested:
1. Become a Priest
2. Study a lot, especially abroad in Italy
3. Become a Bishop
4. Be nominated an Archbishop by the current Pope
5. Get into the College of Cardinals
6. Current Pope must die somehow
7. Be elected with a 2/3 majority by your fellow Cardinals
8. Know you are now the most pious MoFo out there, and POPE IT UP

Some DO's and DON'T's can't hurt either:
DO be Catholic
DO be very religious and pious
DON'T violate your chastity
DON'T make racy jokes from the pulpet
DO avoid drinking too much of "the Blood of Christ"
DO avoid 'encounters' with choir boys
DON'T be seen in public listening to "Get Back" by Ludacris
DON'T be a member of the KKK
DO be wise, and preferably very old and wizened-looking
DO enjoy the look of the Pope-Mobile
and most importantly....
NEVER, under ANY circumstances, say "Goddamn it!"

Follow these simple steps and rules, and you will be the next Peter John Benedict XXX, or whatever you choose to be your name.
Benedict XVI: The happiest day of my life was when I was Poped by the College of Cardinals

John Paul II: But what about you doing nothing since my death?

Benedict XVI: I....uhhh...
by ExpertCatholic69 February 12, 2011
Top Definition
Being Arse-Raped by a catholic preist or a pope. most commonly victims include young boys.
Ben makes it into a ritual, being poped every sunday morning after service
by Jok3r098 July 02, 2010
Losing your virginity to a slut before ever even kissing a girl.
Usually the virgin is taken advantage of.
Dude, did you hear about prom? Austin totally got Pope'd
by YoboyG May 31, 2011
To be penetrated with a phallus or phalluses. When "poped" is used to describe this act, the phallus is often extremely large, although the term is used loosely.
That bitch got poped in every hole by monster cocks!
by onetwostep September 24, 2005
Poped: Verb
To lower ones standards purely for sexual gratification. This is a quantity over quality concept while going "batman".
Used in a sentence: I Poped last night and picked up some scank and screwed her all night long.
Named after a well known manwhore.
While feeling Poped, i meet this slut, bitch, whore on a web site and nailed her in the field behind my house. Just to get a nut!
by goldenrod February 22, 2014
1. Shut down
2. Owned.
3. Made an example of
"Yo' mama so fat she needs a beeper when she backs up"

by The pilot November 26, 2006
Getting arested or cought for somthing.
Man that nigga got poped with all that dope.
by Trekz February 28, 2005
(like the pope- past tense) its when you get karma back like a bitch.
gina: omfg. i just locked the keys in the car...
group: hell no, are you serious?
*starts pouring the entire two hours you're locked outside with NOWHERE to go because its 1am*
by G+M April 07, 2005
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