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An exclamation, appropriate for almost any situation, that is accompanied by a hand motion gesturing a free throw toss in basketball. It can be said while entering or exiting a room for a more profound and lasting impression.
As seen in the 2001 film, "How High."
Allie: "I want McDonalds."
Ariel: "Popcorn Playa!"

Billy: "Hey, remember that chick who used to say 'popcorn playa' everytime she entered and left a room? Man, that was annoying as fuck."
by ArielRoseK December 13, 2007
15 28
"Popcorn playa" is an explicit expression that usually negga ghetto people use when something unexpected goes perfectly..it's cool and it was created in the Wu-Tang-Clan..respekt fo MethodMan..
Papcorn playa..negga..
by Batranu January 03, 2005
302 65