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When a man cuts a hole into the bottom of a box of popcorn, and secretly slides his penis into it. Nonchalantly, he will offer his date/hooker for a handful of popcorn. If he gets lucky, she will reach down far enough and grasp the head of his penis. At this point, she should offer to give Popcorn Head.
"Hey eric, how'd it go last night?"
"Dude, we had to go through like, 3 boxes of popcorn IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN."
"fuck. yes."
by MAKIN_HATS February 26, 2010
A.K.A: Movie Head. A male will secretly(or not) cut a small hole(or not) into the bottom of a popcorn tub. The next time his date reaches for popcorn, she'll be in for a surprise. If a woman knows her place, she'll proceed to eat the 'popcorn' straight from the tub with her mouth.
"Yo, Zac did you go to the movies with Alexis?!"
"Yeah, dude! She totally gave me popcorn head, and couldn't tell the difference between my jizz and the butter!"
by HatsShallBeMade February 26, 2010
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